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AffordBankruptcy.com is a network of local, affordable, and experienced bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys that are ready to represent you when faced with an insurmountable financial situation. We understand that you probably have creditors calling your home and work at all hours of the day and evening, you might be facing foreclosure, lawsuits, wage garnishments, repossessions, huge medical bills, divorce debts, and the list goes on and on. At AffordBankruptcy.com we understand exactly what you are going through and it’s our job to make all those financial worries you have go away and get you the fresh start you desperately desire. Don’t worry! When you work with an AffordBankruptcy.com lawyer or attorney, you can be assured that financial relief and freedom is only a phone call away. Complete the free consultation request form below.

Bankruptcy is the fastest and most affordable way to get out of debt and increase your credit score. Whether you need to save your home from foreclosure and need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or you want a financial fresh start by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is no other way to get yourself out of debt faster, cheaper, and tax free.

You may see advertisements on television promotion debt settlement or debt consolidation. Don’t get sucked into that world of false promises. Debt settlement and debt consolidation agencies are usually scams that take your money and do very little else to get you out of debt. And with those types of organizations, any debts that are forgiven as part of a “deal” that is negogiated on your behalf becomes forgiven debt. And forgiven debt is considered taxable income for which you have to pay taxes on. So not only do you have to pay most of what you owe when dealing with a debt settlement or debt consolidation company, any benefit you may receive is taxable which creates more debts for you that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Don’t make the mistake of getting involved in a debt settlement or debt consolidation company. Filing for bankruptcy is far and away the better option when it comes to getting yourself debt-free.

AffordBankruptcy.com has bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys located in every state within the United States. So don’t worry about whether we can help you or not. We have one of the largest networks of attorneys who specialize in helping people file for bankruptcy that it is a no-brainer to use one of them when the time to file for bankruptcy comes. One of the most important services an AffordBankruptcy.com bankruptcy attorney or bankruptcy lawyer will help you with is what is called exemption planning. This is where the bankruptcy lawyer and bankruptcy attorney will advise you how to organize your finances so that when it is time to file for bankruptcy, you get to keep the most amount of your possession allowed by law. A lot of other bankruptcy attorneys don’t practice exemption planning and it is a big mistake not to do so because it only hurts the client. You don’t have to worry about that with AffordBankruptcy.com bankruptcy attorneys.

The Bankruptcy Laws were overhauled by Congress in 2005. When that happened, the bankruptcy laws changed requiring that individuals who wish to file for bankruptcy must qualify to do so. Ninety (90%) percent of those that need to file for bankruptcy are still able to do so, but you have to make sure that you comply with the eligibility laws because going through the expense, time, and effort of putting your bankruptcy petition together and filing it with the bankruptcy court is a waste of time and money if you don’t first establish your eligibility.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process and that is why you need an experience bankruptcy attorney to represent you. The U.S. Bankruptcy Laws need to be applied properly so that you are able to discharge all of your debts allowed by law and keep as much property, if not all, allowed by law. In addition, there are other documentation and due diligence requirements that must be met in order to ensure that you comply with the disclosure provisions of the law so you don’t jeopardize your ability to get a discharge. Your bankruptcy attorney will handle all of the complicated aspects of your bankruptcy so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. AffordBankruptcy.com bankruptcy lawyer or attorney will go through all of your finances, incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities to make sure that you qualify. This way you go in to the bankruptcy process knowing that you will have a successful outcome.

If you think it is time for a financial fresh start, then complete the free consultation request form above or off to the side and one of our highly experienced, very affordable, and very local bankruptcy attorneys or local bankruptcy lawyers will contact you right away. They know that time is of the essence and you need to move quickly. AffordBankruptcy.com is ready when you are.

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